1.- Do you ship products throughout the Mexican Republic?

Yes, to any part of the republic or abroad.

2.- I do not know what kind of label suits me and I need advice

Of course, please contact us and we will gladly help you.

3.- What is the minimum order of labels that I can order?

10,000 pieces

4.- I need a sample of the label as I require it, can you give me a sample?

Of course, we can make a sample of the label as it requires, although this carries an extra charge.

5.- I want you to see my product and my process so that I can suggest which label or process is appropriate and will be feasible.

Just contact us and we will gladly visit you

6.- What is the delivery time for a normal order?

It is 3 weeks from the receipt of your order

7.- Do you have production capacity for large print runs?

We can supply up to 100,000 labels per day.

8.- What form of payment do you have?

It can be by electronic transfer, 50% when ordering and 50% upon delivery, we offer credit until after the fifth purchase (we reserve the right to authorization).


9.- What kind of files can I send?

10.- I need to print my products with heat transfer but I do not have any machines

We can offer you two alternatives, sell the machine and the labels to be printed at your plant or offer the maquila service.